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Fluide Magique Peau Ressourcée With Extraliss Extracts
Normal & Dry Skins

Glass Pump Jar 50 ml
Normal & Dry Skins
It is a light lotion with strong water content (60%) able to contain a very strong concentration in powerful active ingredients (approximately 20%).
The active ingredients are selected for a broad spectrum of action: Anti wrinkles, nutritive, regenerating, stimulating néo synthesis of collagen, antiradicalaire and tensor effect.
The lightness of the lotion supports fast penetration and can be used, as a daily care around the eye, as a mask
for moments of relaxation and as a treatment care for the entire face.
Star Active Ingredient: Extraliss Extracts (Pisum Sativum Extracts)
Anti ageing product with immediate toning effect :
  • immediate lifting effect which holds through time,
  • increase of skin elasticity,
  • moisturizing and tonic effect.
Usage Instructions
Fluide magique peau ressourcee can be used in 3 different ways: as an eye contour, as an anti-ageing agent for face and neck or as a regenerating mask.
The amount of product required will depend on the areas that are to be treated and the skin care wanted.
  1. Eye contour care: every day, apply lightly the approximate amount of a rice grain around the eyes, where age and fatigue show most on the skin, to regain bright eyes through this beauty care product especially designed to avoid puffiness.
  2. Complexion rejuvenating care: every day, apply the amount of a hazelnut of the fluid and apply in a thin layer on the entire face and neck in order to give face the even radiance of a soft skin triumphing over time thanks to the rejuvenating action of Extraliss® extracts.
  3. Repairing mask care : once or twice a week, apply the amount of a nut of fluid, as a repairing mask. Let this very generous layer rest for 15 minutes in order to enable skin to “absorb” the concentrated active ingredients.
    Remove excess product if any using a clean and dry cotton pad.
Efficiency: It has been proven
Creamy fluid, whose formula is packed with active ingredients which are both nourishing and rejuvenating.
It offers maximum comfort to even extremely dry and dull skins.
Usage Test, Healthy volunteers, standard conditions of use
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