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Chronobiologie - Chronosoin SOURCE - Fluide Magique Teint Retrouvé Aux Concentrés de Sébomine - Combination Skins
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Fluide Magique Teint Retrouvé With Sebomine Concentrates

Combination Skins
Glass Pump Jar 50 ml



This emulsion contains a very high concentration of powerful active ingredients (about 20%), moisturizers, softeners, astringents, mattifying and anti-wrinkles.
It is designed to reinforce combination and oily skin when their needs are specific and important.
It can be used in 3 ways:
  • eyes contour
  • facial anti aging
  • regenerative mask
We will choose the amount to be applied according to the areas to be treated in priority and according to the desired care.
  1. Daily care around the eyes to find a glowing look
  2. Regulating skin care to give the face the beautiful, even glow of a soft, matte skin thanks to the action of Sébomine® concentrates
  3. Regenerative mask care for 15 minutes to let the skin "drink" the concentrate of active ingredients.
For combination skins and dull complexion, this Fluid contains Sébomine SB12, powerful antiacneic active, resulting from Biotechnology.
Star Active Ingredient: Sebomine Concentrate
Sebomine Concentrate is a powerful anti-acne agent, combining 3 types of effects on the skin
  • lactoferrine : inhibits germ proliferation
  • lactoperoxidase : germicide
  • glucoseoxydase : maximizing enzyme of previous agents’ activity
Usage Instructions
Fluide Magique Teint Retrouvé can be used in 3 different ways: as an eye contours, an anti-ageing agent or a regenerating mask.

The quantity used will differ according to the zone treated in priority and according to the effect wanted.
  1. Eye contour care : every day, apply lightly the approximate amount of a rice grain around the eyes, where age and fatigue show most on the skin, to regain bright eyes through this beauty care product especially designed to avoid puffiness.
  2. Complexion regulator care : every day, apply the amount of a hazelnut of the fluid and apply in a thin layer on the entire face and neck in order to give face the even radiance of a soft and matt skin thanks to the action of Sébomine®.
  3. Repairing mask care : once or twice a week, apply the amount of a nut of fluid, as a repairing mask. Let this very generous layer rest for 15 minutes in order to enable skin to “absorb” the concentrated active ingredients.
  4. Remove excess product if any using a clean and dry cotton pad  
Efficiency: It has been proven
Fluid emulsion packed with extremely powerful active ingredients: moisturizers, softeners, astringents, mattifyers and anti-wrinkle agents. The latter are expertly blended in a specific formula specially designed for combination skins and dull complexions.
Usage Test, Healthy volunteers, standard conditions of use
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