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In Greek mythology KLYTIA is one of the most beautiful Oceanids and mistress of Apollo. In love with the Sun God, according to legend, she sat naked on the rocks and remained there for nine days, without water or food, turned towards the sun, following the race of her beloved's chariot with her eyes. Yellowed and browned by its radiance, it then turns into a sunflower ...









At the end of the 19th century, the industrial revolution in France reached its peak. Totally dominated by men, Marie Valentine Lebrun is a true woman at the head of revolutionary progress in the cosmetics industry.

It was in 1895 at the Hôtel de Nocé located at 26 place Vendôme in Paris that she created the first French cosmetics brand on a global scale, KLYTIA, and her first Beauty Institute.


This name will become a generic and will be used to define institutions dedicated to beauty care around the world.

A personal drama is at the origin of these innovations. At 30, Ms. Lebrun loses her husband and sets out to find a new affair to forget about her grief. Passionate about cosmetics, she decided to offer all women in the world a cosmetic brand of a certain quality standard.








From that moment on, the world of cosmetics changes forever. In collaboration with famous doctors and chemists, she is developing products of such perfection that these treatments will soon be known around the world. His discoveries are the basis for many of our current beauty products.
In 1920, KLYTIA offered the most demanding women a range of nearly 1,500 scientifically developed cosmetic products with great rigor in the selection of natural ingredients.
It opens the world's first aesthetic school to train professionals who will then represent the brand on five continents, in almost 50 countries. From 1926, KLYTIA was in China ...
It becomes a symbol of efficiency, well-being but also refinement.
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KLYTIA is quickly adopted by the most prominent women of the early twentieth century: the Infanta Eulalia of Spain who gives her name to a powder KLYTIA "Eulalie", Queen Djavidan of Egypt, the star of the Russian Opera Lidia Lipkowska, the other women of the Russian court and gradually many women in over forty different countries. KLYTIA creates numerous collaborations with luxury houses as well known today: Lalique creates a crystal bottle for the KLYTIA perfume "Take me near you".



In 2014, with the same level of quality standards as at its origins, KLYTIA created a new cosmetic proposal that harmonizes the rhythms of women's life and the rhythms of their skin's needs ...

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Women who now live ten lives in one find it difficult to manage their beauty, to find real moments for themselves, to respect the rhythms and natural needs of their skin. For all these women and also because the morning is not the evening, because there are times when the skin needs awakening, others when it needs relaxation, because there are a time for everything and above all a time to make each treatment optimal, KLYTIA places the natural functioning of the body and the skin at the heart of its research.

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Developed according to the principle of Chronobiology (study of the rhythms of the body), in partnership with the Faculty of Pharmacy of Paris, KLYTIA innovates and offers Les Chronosoins KLYTIA, the first line of beauty treatments which at the same time respects the natural rhythm of the skin and lifestyle of women.


KLYTIA Chronosoins are three innovative beauty rituals to be experienced, in the morning, in the evening and during periods of treatment, on weekends.