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Over the last decades research led on chronobiology by various international scientist teams have shown how mankind’s physiological systems follow internal rhythms regulated by a set of biological clocks.
A biological rhythm is defined as a period corresponding to a lapse of time separating two identical phenomena.
During this lapse of time the biological phenomenon presents a maximum activity peak, and a minimum low.
These biological rhythms can be reproduced and, more importantly, can be foreseen.
These cycles are recurrent during each day and all along the 28-day cycle of women.

The skin is submitted to this
natural cycle.
Factors such as for example thickness, acidity, elasticity, the proliferation of skin cells, micro-circulation, hydration, all evolve as the day progresses and during the female cycle.

In order to provide better cosmetic efficiency, KLYTIA has chosen to acknowledge these evolutions, just as prescription drugs in hospitals or dietician advice have long been taking these cycles into account.