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The Skin's natural Cycle

Research in chronobiology shows that several aspects of the skin’s functions vary according to what time it is, and thus prove the existence of a circadian rhythm for several parameters.

The skin’s activity is at its lowest in the morning and its thickness is at its maximum.
It is at 10 a.m. that the radiance of the complexion and the texture of the skin are optimal.
The rate of the sebum excretion shows a peak late in the morning.
The echogenicity and elasticity of the skin reach their peak in the evening.
Contrary to the other parts of the body, the skin reaches its maximum activity in the evening by setting up its cellular renewal and repair processes.
Hydric evaporation increases significantly in the evening which reflects a fall of the level of the barrier at this time of day and an increase of the skin’s permeability to external agents or active products.
The metabolic repair function of the skin barrier is at its peak between 8 and 11pm.
Similarly the skin micro-circulation, which is of prime importance in the oxygenation and the micro-nutrition of the skin, is at its best during the night.
Proliferation of skin cells, which plays a part in the skin renewal, is at its highest by night (peak at midnight).
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