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Chronobiology - Chronosoin ZEN - Velouté Démaquillant Douceur With Damas Rose
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Relaxing Make Up Removal
This unctuous make up remover relaxes as well as removes from the skin all impurities, even dead skin cells.
Thanks to its generous texture, Velouté Démaquillant Douceur leaves skin soft and supple.
The presence of phytosqualane, a natural component of the skin, reinforces the
barrier function.
Star Active Ingredient: Phytosqualane
Phytosqualane is a natural vegetal emollient and moisturizer (extracted from olive oil) which has great affinity with the skin. It restores skin suppleness and flexibility and gives skin a healthy aspect.
Usage Instructions
Apply in the evening with light massage movements directly with fingers or a cotton pad.
Rinse with a cotton pad soaked with tepid water.
Thorough daily make-up removal should last 2 minutes at the least, in order to:
- Facilitate total elimination of skin impurities
- Favour tissue stimulation, whilst procuring genuine stress relief.
Efficiency: It has been proven
This unctuous make-up remover has a velvety texture and totally rids the skin of all make-up, impurities and dead cells. It leaves the skin soft and elastic.
 Usage Test, Healthy volunteers, standard conditions of use
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