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To thank you for your loyalty, KLYTIA Paris has created My Klytia,
the loyalty program of klytia-paris.com



Your reward KLYTIA Paris



Buy products and Get points
10 € = 5 points earned


54 € = 27 points earned

Offer yourself products from the catalogue

1 point = 1 euro of purchase




How to become a My Klytia VIP customer ?
To become a My Klytia VIP customer, you just need to purchase any product on the e-shop klytia-paris.com or to subscribe to our newsletter.


How to earn My Klytia points ?

For each purchase on the e-shop klytia-paris.com, you earn My Klytia points according to the following rules : 10 € = 5 points earned (then you receive the half of your amount of purchase in points).

Your earned points Vos points gagnés are rounded up to the next full point.

For example :
20 € = 10 points earned, 54 € = 27 points earned, 95 € = 48 points earned...

How to benefit of My Klytia points?
Once your order placed, points are added to your account.Your earned points are usable 30 days after their date of obtaining. This period corresponds to the legal deadline of retraction as well as to the possible deadline of return of your bought products  


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